EPIC 2014

I came across this brilliant site as a link on a Sun executive’s blog.  It takes a pretty realistic look at possible advances in the presentation of totally customised media by two growing giants in the media industry – Google and Microsoft.  The ‘history’ is plotted through to 2014 and it really isn’t that implausible at all!  It is very possible given the current state of the Net.  It is both scary and very exciting.  Take a look!

The site is titled EPIC 2014.

Just BE

Step into the Sunlight
Feel the pain wash away
Enter in the Soul-light
Just BE in today.

Forget all emotion
Put your trust in the day
Let the past rush on by you
Put your Self in THE WAY.

one & infinite – lynne milum – universal light

What kind of intelligence do you have?

I should be working on my manuals … 

I was in the process of getting through all my mail I came across this one on Eclecticism and gave it a go (you can call me The Procrastinator!):

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

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Blogging habits

I have been knocking off a bunch of emails today (as you can imagine I just might in the course of a work day) and I found myself looking for a blockquote function in my mail program (Novell GroupWise if you must know).  I realised how used to the blogging interface I have become.  Blogging for the last 2 to 3 months has introduced me to different ways of publishing information and I realised that there really isn’t a big difference when it comes to email which need to have useful content.  There is often a way to represent that content better and having had the benefit of blogging for such a short time span has given me a couple ideas how to convey info to my clients in ways which are far more efficient than before.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Skycaptainandtheworldoftomorrow02As I mentioned last night, we went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
last night.  If you haven’t seen it already I recommend it.  We had a
great time and loved the way the movie was presented.  It is an
adventure movie set in the 1940s.  Jude Law
plays Sky Captain, the local saviour and guy to call when things go
bad.  He is called upon to tackle the growing threat posed by
mysterious robots and machines as they plunder the world’s natural and
mechanical resources as a part of a nefarious plot to wreak havoc on
the world.  Gwyneth Paltrow is the very sexy and determined reporter out to get her story.  The movie also features Giovanni Ribisi and Angelina Jolie in the roles of geek/sidekick and gorgeous British commander of an aerial aircraft carrier, respectively.

G tells me that on the actors were real.  The rest of the movie was
CGI.  It was a visual feast (love that phrase) and the effects were
seamless with the live action.  This is a perfect Sunday
afternoon/evening movie.  It is fun, keeps you on the edge of your seat
and looks amazing!

Monday morning

Yup, Monday morning.  The beginning of working week 2 and I was greeted not by blue skies and warmth but by heavy grey clouds and a slight chill.  Just the same it is starting to warm up a bit – I have my air-con on in my office.  Even though I spent a chunk of time working yesterday afternoon, I actually felt quite rested when I woke up this morning (at least until I remembered I had to go to work at my day job).  Isn’t it interesting how you can spend hours working on something that really floats your boat and not feel tired at all and then spend the same amount of time doing work you don’t enjoy or are not really committed to and you feel drained.  It isn’t really the work you do that tired you out (not talking physically but emotionally) and more the energy dynamics that are involved.

It seems to me that when you do work you love and are passionate about, you draw on some inexhaustible supply of energy that fuels and energises you as you work.  When you aren’t passionate about that work, you don’t connect to that source and the energy you put into that work isn’t replenished as readily and it literally drains you.  I imagine there is also scope for plugging into that energy source even when you are doing work you are not passionate about.  That would involve you finding an aspect of that work that you are passionate about (perhaps the people you are working with as opposed to the work itself) and using that as your link.  Of course that would introduce a degree of passion to the work you were previously dispassionate about.

Any thoughts?

Relaxing weekend and sushi

It has been a relaxing weekend although you wouldn’t think it from a quick review of our activities.  Yesterday morning we went to visit G’s good friend Sam who had been in a motor vehicle accident earlier this week.  She has lacerations on her forehead and a couple gashes and is otherwise healing reasonably well.  We wound up visiting there for about 2 to 2 and a half hours.  From there we drove for about half an hour to the other side of Johannesburg in 30 degrees (centigrade) plus heat to buy two book shelves and a set of cupboards/shelves for our dining room.  We picked up lunch on the way home, watched a bit of The Animatrix and I had a client at 4. 

That was followed by sushi with some friends at a place where you sit at a counter with a conveyer belt that brings different plates of sushi around.  Each plate has a colour which correlates to the price for that dish and you just pick off what you want.  What then happens is that a guy at the shop adds up all the plates and prices and that is what you pay (together with drinks, of course).  The thing with this place is that while the food is pretty good, it has been set up in such a way as to get you seated and eating almost immediately and out of there pretty quickly.  That time of place isn’t really conducive to a night out so we wound up moving off to another spot nearby after supper for coffee/tea and cake.  Very relaxing though!

This morning I hit the shops for monthly groceries.  It has been a while since I went shopping for a month’s worth of food and supplies so I didn’t expect to spend what I did.  There really weren’t that many luxury or unnecessary items to inflate the price.  These exercises just seem to cost a whack.  Well, at least that is done and we now have food for the month.  Now we just need to make sure we don’t eat out much.  You do that too many times and it becomes really expensive.  We basically spent the rest of the day making lunch, watching a bit of The Matrix.  G has gone off to visit Sam and I am working on my Reiki manual and doing a couple other things while I am at it.  Tonight we hope to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Looks really cool!

Sidebar modifications

I don’t suppose anyone can help me edit my sidebar where I have a Plus membership?  I have all sorts of things I would like to add to my sidebar.

Thanks to Melissa at Typepad, I have worked out how to insert things into my sidebar.  I have also imported my blog from Blogger while I work on the problem I have there with my sidebar.  I may just move across here completely anyway.

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