Off to Australia

The last few days, today in particular, have been pretty tough.  My younger sister is moving to Melbourne, Australia, with her husband.  This has been coming for a while and I still remember putting the reminder in my phone for today a while ago, thinking that there was still some time to go.  That time has really gone by so fast!

I was not a fan of their decision to leave South Africa for Australia and I am still not too keen on it mainly because I will lose the face to face relationship.  My reasons are mostly selfish, I know, but they are there nonetheless.  Fortunately she is married to a good man who will look after her.  His brothers are in Melbourne already and she has a couple friends there with another joining her in the next month or so.  I wish her and her husband well and anyone else taking the plunge too!  As for me, I’ll be staying put for a while still. – winner of ‘Camgirl of the Year’ award

180602_1Congratulations to Kitta for winning the title of ‘Camgirl of the Year’ in the recent 2005 Webcam Awards.  She also won the award for ‘Best Australian Camsite’.

Well, I seem to have won the coveted ‘Camgirl of the Year’‘Best Australian Camsite’ award in the 2005 Webcam Awards. Kewlies!!!!! (I just can’t help myself)
Firstly, as your Camgirl of the Year, I’d like to thank everyone for
voting for me and to celebrate this glorious event I would like to
present you all with the very first webcam image that appeared on back in July 2002, in all its graininess and terrible
lighting glory.

award and also the

Quiet blog day today

I am taking it easy with my posts today.  I have this headache that just isn’t going away and I have been working through the files on my desk so I can finally get to the job I need to get done.  I have managed to get through just about everything and I am taking a breather before lunch.

I have been listening to some of the Buddha Bar cds and I can see why they are so darn expensive.  Good stuff though.  Most of it.

Happy birthday Yahoo!

Y10uk_1This is a bit late but

"Happy birthday Yahoo!"

I know the words to this song …

This video takes lip synching to a whole new level!

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Firefox growth statistics misleading

I recently commented on an article by WebSideStory (via business2blog) which indicated that while interest in Firefox is growing, that growth is beginning to slow.  It turns out that these statistics are somewhat misleading and don’t take into account a whole segment of the market and factors such as Linux distributions coming pre-loaded with FirefoxHTML Fix has reported that WebSideStory’s stats are derived from incomplete data:

The problem is is that both of these methods miss a crucial (vast)

and growing Internet population, namely the power users. In the case of

Onestat with their online counter systems, the problem is that

generally only two types of clients use this type of service, newbies

and occasionally businesses. In the case of Websidestory, the big sites

they monitor are not those likely to be those visited by power Internet

users, if you are one yourself, do you remember the last time you

visited Disney or Liz Clairborne?

That skips a vast portion of

the Internet’s users, namely the techies and power users. These guys

know what they want online, they know where to go, and a vastly higher

number of them use the Firefox web browser. The Internet’s users are

slowly becoming more knowledgeable then they once were, and this group

of power users are growing all the time. Experienced Web developers are

likely to be using their own log file analysers for statistics and for

those without log file access, counters like our own statistical counter

that serve the same purpose. The only places I really see remote hit

counters is on newbie web pages and free blog services (the exact

places where one expects people to be using the default browser that

came with their computer.)

To get a real idea of the number of people using Firefox and other

alternative browsers, companies like Websidestory and Onestat need to

do deals with sites like Groklaw, Slashdot, TheRegister, Wired,

W3schools and other such sites and combine their results with their

existing figures. Then perhaps we’d get a real picture of the browser


<p>I suspect there is probably more to it than even this.&nbsp; <a href="">One comment</a> on this article points out that WebSideStory's stats are based in actual web browser usage whereas the stats in the HTML Fix It article also take into consideration the fact that many people don't download <a href=";amp;id=44329&amp;amp;t=1">Firefox</a> because it is given to them through a distribution of Linux or friends who have it on disc.&nbsp; I think those stats should also be taken into account although regardless of where the browser was obtained from, you do need to look at the web stats.&nbsp; Here I agree with HTML Fix It in that you need to look at as broad a cross section of websites as is possible.&nbsp; Alternatively, look at sites almost everyone uses like <a href="">Google</a>, <a href="">Yahoo!</a> and <a href="">MSN</a>.

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Carly Fiorina’s next job?

Under a month since her departure from HP, Carly Fiorina is said to be on the shortlist for president of the World Bank.  The Seattle Times and Los Angeles Times have both reported that:

Ousted Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina is under
consideration to be World Bank president, a Bush administration
official said, adding that no decision has been made.

The New York Times reported she is a "strong candidate" for the
post, which becomes available June 1 after James Wolfensohn, 71,
retires. The administration official, who spoke on the condition of
anonymity, would say only that she’s on a list of possible candidates.

Fiorina declined to comment through her spokeswoman Kathy Fitzgerald.

Let’s hope she does a better job than at HP if she is appointed!  A lot more is at stake.


Bloggers without ethics

Jeremy Wright has written an interesting post titled "Bloggers aren’t ethical".  He makes this argument on the basis that bloggers are driven by slightly different considerations to journalists and while there have been a host of complaints about journalists who violate journalistic ethics, journalists are generally held to an ethical standard whereas bloggers are not.
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