dance first, think later, it’s the natural order…

I have started reading a blog called Moleskinerie which is dedicated to the Moleskine notebooks manufactured by the Italian company called Modo & Modo .  Moleskine notebooks have an almost a cult following and I can certainly understand why.  I started using the ruled notebooks for my journals and four completed notebooks later I am still going strong.  I have just bought a squared notebook to use as my idea book (a function previously filled by a thinner version of the Moleskine notebook (released in packs of 3 – I forgot the name for them).

Anyway, I came across this other, very cool looking blog called "dance first, think later, it’s the natural order…" which is a blog with a strong focus on Moleskine notebooks which the author of the blog uses in some pretty spectacular ways.

Below is an example of the kinds of things she does with her moleskine notebooks.  I am in awe!
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Daily hangout

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Fri 04/02/2005 14:06 04022005
Fri 04/02/2005 14:06 04022005(001)
Fri 04/02/2005 14:06 04022005(001)

These are images of a spot I frequent during the week over my lunch hour. It is a great bookstore with a coffee shop where you can sit and read and journal to your heart’s content. That happens to be what I do most there.

We’re engaged!

The two of us at our engagement party

Yesterday I mentioned that there was something in my life to be very happy about and this is it.  After a mere 15 months or so together, G and I are engaged to be married early next year.  We are both very excited about this and I am thrilled to have such a beautiful and loving woman as my fiancee and look forward to her becoming my wife.

I wrote the following before I gave her the ring (more on both of these two items below):

May I be a loving husband;
May I be a loyal friend;
May I be a gentle lover;
May I love her well.

In this ever changing world, are there greater gifts a man can give to his wife?

Ok, I am sure that many of you are interested in how I proposed to G yesterday afternoon.  Firstly, it was not a surprise to her that we are going to marry, we had been speaking about it for a little while now.  We went to pick out the ring last at a great jeweller’s shop called Sidersky Jewellers.  We were told that our jeweller would have the ring ready within 10 working days and if we were nice to him he would have it ready by this Saturday.  A couple days ago he informed me that the ring would be ready on Wednesday or Thursday.  I was able to pick up the ring on Thursday afternoon (yesterday).  I picked a very nice bunch of flowers on the way home and started to set everything up for G before she arrived home:

  • I set my DVD player to play a cover of Cindy Lauper’s “Time After Time”, one of G’s favourite songs;
  • I left a note on the floor by the front door instructing her to put everything down there and to go to the coffee table in the lounge;
  • Another note on the coffee table instructed G to press ‘play’ and to open a card I left for her;
  • I was waiting in the next room and when I heard the music playing I came into the room and kissed her;
  • As she was reading the card, I gave her the ring.

I still have something up my sleeve and won’t tell you about that now for obvious reasons.  We are both very very excited and I still don’t think this has really sunk in just yet.

For those looking for a picture of her very beautiful ring, I created a collage with Picasa2: Update: This collage is currently MIA so here is a photo of the ring itself instead:

Star Trek Enterprise Cancelled

STARTREK.COM has reported that Star Trek Enterprise has been cancelled after four seasons.  We haven’t been able to watch Enterprise here in South Africa because we lost the Sci-Fi channel about a year and a half ago.  Still, it was one of my favourite shows and possibly my favourite Star Trek series.  I hope there is another one … please?!

Feeling sad this morning

I am not sure why, I just feel sad this morning.  It started with me waking up at 4:15am or so and not being able to get back to sleep until about 5:30am because of the heat and mosquito flying around me.  It really got going after I sat for a bit before getting dressed for work.  I haven’t been meditating as regularly as I would have liked and decided to sit for a bit this morning.  During my meditation I sensed an anxiety and allowed myself to experience it as I would any other sensation and that seems to have opened a door to a sadness within me.  I am not sure why I am sad today, it will become one of the happiest days in my life (no details now, I will tell all tomorrow if everything goes according to plan today).  As with many things, sometimes all you can do is sit in the feeling and let it be and through awareness of it, pass through it.

It didn’t help to read the news this morning.  Two items on IOL caught my attention and both only deepen my sadness on this beautiful day.  I’ll quote parts of both articles and you will see what I mean.

Toddlers left stranded on Joburg streets

baby lay on the pavement sucking on his bottle, with one hand shielding
his eyes from the hot sun. Toddlers huddled in the shade of a street
vendor’s table. A little girl bent down to wee on the pavement.

This was the disgraceful scene outside a Johannesburg inner-city creche
that was shut down on Tuesday in a continuing crackdown on facilities
breaking safety and health by-laws.

Arriving at the Basa Creche in De Villiers Street on Wednesday and
finding it still closed, parents abandoned their children at the
entrance and demanded that teachers look after them. They said this was
only right, as they had paid their fees.

Parents then went off to work.

‘Children were too tired to play and fell asleep on the pavement’

teachers inside the building would not allow the children to enter. So
a group of about 20 youngsters, ranging in age from one to about four,
were left to fend for themselves on the pavement.
Two-year-olds Patrick and Patricia Ndlovu climbed into The Star’s car
for shade. They began crying when the driver had to leave and they
found themselves back in the sun.
Nosabatha Nqali, three, was sitting on the pavement talking to her
friend, wishing their teacher would bring them something to eat.
"I want to go to school," she said, smiling.
By noon, all the smiles had gone. By then, the children, bubbly and
running around in the morning, were too tired to play and fell asleep
on the pavement.

I know these parents have to work and often don’t have the luxury of a space to keep their children if problems like this occur but how could any parent leave a child so young on the streets of any city, let alone Johannesburg, like that.  Perhaps I don’t understand the parents’ circumstances but it seems to me that this is little more than neglect and disregard for these poor children.  Of course the teachers’ attitude is also disgusting.  To just leave these kids out on the street like this is just as bad, especially for people whose occupation is to take care of these kids.  Let’s not forget the local authorities who should have been there to make sure this didn’t happen.  Very bad behaviour people.  This picture breaks my heart.  Check out the full article for more.

The next article is just as bad, except on a larger scale.

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State of the Blog

I am very proud to announce that this is my 100th post.  I am certain this is a mere drop in the vast ocean that is the blogosphere but I am thrilled to bits to have reached this point.  My stats at the moment are as follows:

  • 1485 hits on the site since I went live on TypePad last month; and
  • Around 55 hits per day.

Much of the success of my blog is attributable to my post on Tara Reid’s bared breast in late December 2004.  I have noticed that there are hits on other pages in my blog.  Either way, thank you to all my visitors.

iPod infiltrates Microsoft campus

Now this article really tickled me.  It turns out that the iPod is really popular on the Microsoft Campus, so much so that management is a little unhappy about it.  Here is a little bit to whet your appetite:

Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill

By Leander Kahney

Story location:,2125,66460,00.html

02:00 AM Feb. 02, 2005 PT

Microsoft’s leafy corporate campus in Redmond, Washington, is beginning
to look like the streets of New York, London and just about everywhere
else: Wherever you go, white headphones dangle from peoples’ ears.

To the growing frustration and annoyance of Microsoft’s management,
Apple Computer’s iPod is wildly popular among Microsoft’s workers.

"About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music
player have an iPod," said one source, a high-level manager who asked
to remain anonymous. "It’s pretty staggering."

The source estimated 80 percent of Microsoft employees have a music
player — that translates to 16,000 iPod users among the 25,000 who
work at or near Microsoft’s corporate campus. "This irks the management team no end," said the source.

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Bushwacked planet

I read in Wired that the English are pushing the Bush Administration to sign the Kyoto Accord which is intended to set limits on all of the things that we are doing to our home, Earth, to slow the global warming trend and stave off potential disaster when the Earth decides to do something about the plague we are becoming.  You may gather that I feel quite strongly about this.  It seems that Bush isn’t too keen on this initiative and I am sure it isn’t too much of a surprise given his connections to the oil industry and likely allegiance to Big Industry.  His plan appears to be as follows:

Washington’s aim is to cut the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for
every dollar of economic output by 18 percent in 2012 compared to 2002.
The economy is likely to grow at a faster pace, meaning overall
emissions will rise.

That is a little pointless I think.  By reducing emissions by an amount that you know to be less than the increase consequential to the growth of the economy is paying lip service to the initiative and only delaying the inevitable.  Who is the current administration kidding anyway?

But wait, there is more!

[British Environment Minister Margaret] Beckett said extreme weather events like droughts and floods were
expected to become more frequent and worse, noting that the world had
just experienced the 10 hottest years on record.

"Nothing less than a radical change in how we generate and how we
use energy will be needed," she said, adding that the cost of action
would be far less than the cost of inaction.

Scientists have said that two degrees centigrade of warming is
already expected. They have predicted that above that level the warming
will start to fuel itself, pushing the planet into the unknown as ice
caps melt, sea levels rise and weather patterns change at accelerating

The World Wide Fund for Nature said over the weekend that disastrous
climate change could kick in within 20 years, leading to possible
species wipeout in the Arctic unless greenhouse gas emissions were cut

A report by international experts last week described the climate as
a ticking bomb, and preliminary results of one study said temperatures
could rise by up to 11 degrees centigrade.

Scientists from 30 nations at the meeting will try to define what
constitutes "dangerous" levels of warming, but will not make any policy

After all the abuse we have hurled at the planet in the last few hundred years, we should know better and should take better care of her and the many many creatures we share her with.  The fact that we are liable to cause devastating climate changes and threaten the very existence of life on this planet should add to our sense of urgency.