Facebook, @Path and privacy – redux

One of the fundamental differences between Facebook and Path is that Path is designed around privacy, Facebook isn’t. On Facebook you have to really work to retain some degree of privacy. You have to set up your sharing preferences carefully, decide whether search engines should be able to index your profile and who can re-share […]

Perhaps WhatsApp won't be merged with Facebook Messenger

Update (2014-02-20): Nathan makes a good point in the comments and I was also reminded of my post from about a year ago in which I considered the implications of just such an acquisition. I was just reading the Facebook press release about its $16bn WhatsApp acquisition and noticed this quote by WhatsApp’s co-founder and […]

Google ad on a video interview with a Facebook exec #insecuremuch

I’m watching a couple videos in my Watch Later queue while I get through some admin in my office and I noticed this Google ad pop up on a video interview with a Facebook executive at last year’s Le Web. I didn’t notice ads popping up on other Le Web videos so this one really […]

Why you would ditch Facebook and use Path

I’ve found myself thinking about Path more in the last few weeks or so and when it would make sense to turn away from the mammoth in the room: Facebook? Rather than get caught up in the usual arguments against using Path, I thought I’d look at this mobile-first, personal network from a different perspective […]

I'm not sure there's any number of Facebook likes that can replace a hug.

I’m not sure there’s any number of Facebook likes that can replace a hug.

Why we fear Facebook and why we shouldn't?

Rian van der Merwe published a post which touches on a recurring theme which I have been thinking about for a while: we should fear Facebook/Google/Twitter because of all the data they hold about us. I keep wondering why? There are good reasons to be afraid of what these services may know about us in […]

Facebook is not friends with Chrome

Jeez, why does Google Chrome always have a hernia when uploading more than 20 or 30 photos to Facebook? Something about that process radically slows the browser window down to the point where it freezes.

After Twitter and Facebook

The latest sign of an increasingly closed and Balkanised Web is Twitter’s controversial updates to its API which further restrict anything that is not actually made by Twitter. Developers’ reactions range from disappointment to outrage Twitter remains dominant in its space because there is nothing else. Facebook also dominates the social sharing space with its […]

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