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  • I went for a long run this morning, and I’m pretty proud of myself for completing this distance. It’s the longest run I’ve ever done.
  • I ran my virtual race this morning. It was a beautiful morning for a run. I can probably improve on my pace though. Good thing I can do it again later this December.
  • I’m pretty sure there are news editors just waiting to publish a headline to the effect of “Mr Trump, You’re Fired!”. The irony will be amazing.
  • “With the power of Yeet, I was able to teleport to the island …” Something I wasn’t expecting to hear from my kids today.
  • As challenging as this morning’s run was, it was a beautiful morning to go running.
  • I watched this music video with my daughter this evening, and it struck me that not a lot has changed in the ±30 years since this came out.
  • It was a fresh morning for a walk in Modi’in, Israel. I went for a short walk before work, and enjoyed a cool start to the day. Just a day in the life of many residents of my city. #adayinthelife

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Choosing Signal over WhatsApp is about personal agency

Reframing the WhatsApp privacy debate It is tempting to frame the discussion about WhatsApp’s privacy policy change that enables WhatsApp to share your profile data with Facebook (even though it’s been doing this for some time without being clear about this) as being about Facebook being able to read your WhatsApp messages. That interpretation is… Continue reading Choosing Signal over WhatsApp is about personal agency

Receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

As you may have seen in the media, Israel has been vaccinating citizens with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Because I’m diabetic, and over 40, I qualify for earlier access to the vaccine. I was finally able to make my appointments for the two doses. Photo by CDC on Unsplash

My first half marathon

I ran my first half marathon this morning as part of my Garmin 10k coaching plan. I had to leave really early to give myself time to complete what turned out to be a 22km route around my city. I felt pretty good for the first two thirds of the run, and started to feel… Continue reading My first half marathon

My longest run so far

I’m on week 10 of my 10k coaching plan with Garmin. As part of that plan, I ran my longest run so far, yesterday. It was an “easy” long run of about 17.7km (not counting warm up and cool down). I stepped out just after 6am, and set out on my route that would take… Continue reading My longest run so far


45 feels like a milestone, although I couldn’t tell you which milestone it is, aside from a vaguely significant number. At least, 45 seems more significant than 44, or even 46, with the next big number being 50. I’ve taken a couple days off to celebrate my birthday, and have a mini-staycation after a particularly… Continue reading 45

#wwwp5k virtual race

I participated in the virtual 5k race this morning, and it was a beautiful morning for the run. The goal is to move 5km sometime in December 2020. You can run, walk, skip, cartwheel the distance, and in your own time.

Horrifying COVID-19 infection rate ahead of Israeli lockdown

Israel is going into another national lockdown this weekend, for three weeks. It’s controversial (as are most things in Israel these days), and the cost to our economy will likely be substantial. At the same time, our COVID-19 infection rate seems to be out of control.

Kangaroos in Israel

My Summer vacation has gone by so quickly, as vacations often do. One of the many things we did was to take a drive up north to see kangaroos in Israel at Gan-Garoo, an Australian Park … in Israel.

Kicking off my Summer vacation

Today is the first day of my Summer vacation, and I’ve started it with an unexpectedly appealing drink in a park with our daughter while we wait for our son to finish a lesson nearby.

A Minecraft Dungeons Adventurer’s Life

I purchased Minecraft Dungeons for the Nintendo Switch a month or two ago, primarily for our kids. They’re Minecraft fanatics, and they’d been looking forward to this game since they first saw the announcement. I was also curious whether this was a game that I could enjoy?

Adolescent sunflowers

My wife and son are growing various plants on our balcony, including three sunflowers. As with most adolescents, they are tall, gawky, and show great potential!

unsplash-logoFeatured image by Sirotorn Sumpunkulpak

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