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  • Nice day for a walk. Enjoying my new Samsung Galaxy S21 phone’s cameras too! 📷
  • I have grown to like having my daughter sitting at the same table as me for her remote lessons, except when she updates me every 5 seconds about how utterly painful her drawn-out Zoom classes are. I definitely feel for her though.
  • I went for a long run this morning, and I’m pretty proud of myself for completing this distance. It’s the longest run I’ve ever done.
  • I ran my virtual race this morning. It was a beautiful morning for a run. I can probably improve on my pace though. Good thing I can do it again later this December. 🏃🏻‍♂️
  • I’m pretty sure there are news editors just waiting to publish a headline to the effect of “Mr Trump, You’re Fired!”. 🤔 The irony will be amazing.
  • “With the power of Yeet, I was able to teleport to the island …” Something I wasn’t expecting to hear from my kids today. 😜
  • As challenging as this morning’s run was, it was a beautiful morning to go running. 🏃🏻‍♂️📷

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pair of blue socks hanging

The Sock Pocket Universe

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a Sock Pocket Universe that is generated by our aging tumble dryer. No matter whether paired socks enter the dryer, there is always a sock missing. The drum is sealed, so the only logical conclusion is that the motion of the dryer generates a rift in spacetime, […]

green and white line illustration

Learning vim

After procrastinating for a while (probably years at this point), I decided to explore this thing that techie people rave about, last week.

leaves hang on rope

Collections in any browser

One of the features in Microsoft Edge that I’ve grown to really like is Collections. Granted there is some overlap with regular bookmarks. At the same time, Collections feel much more convenient, and immediate. Still, they are limited to Edge (in this form).

hungarian horntail dragon at universal studios

DnD Beyond catching up with Sly Flourish

I enjoying reading/watching Sly Flourish‘s content. I think I’m slowly becoming a better GM thanks to his advice. He has a great set of interviews with the @DnDBeyond that are worth watching. Here's the initial discussion about the #ReturnoftheLazyDM approach: Also enjoying this discussion about the super helpful encounter builder and combat tracker on @DnDBeyond […]

Our daughter asked me why people hate Jews?

Our 10 year old daughter asked me two nights ago why people hate Jews? I’ve thought about this a lot. The explanations that I’ve come up with are: 1. Perhaps we Jews are just fundamentally evil? 2. People misunderstand, and fear Jews. I’m clearly biased, being a Jewish Israeli. I don’t believe that we are […]

Woman reading a fold-out map in a seemingly remote area

Plus Codes are the addresses you didn’t know you have

I’m fascinated by Plus Codes, a @googlemaps initiative to give people without conventional street addresses, a GPS-based address that can be used to receive mail or assistance when they need it. I’ve noticed #PlusCodes in Google Maps, and didn’t really explore them further. Take this one as an example. It’s apparently a beautiful hiking spot […]

Black, old-style phone on a counter

The amazing technology in our hands

Every now and then I look at my very mid-range phone, and I'm just amazed that we have this technology in our hands. I still remember when the Nokia N97 was the most advanced device I had seen. Of course, the phone I remember the most fondly was the Nokia 6310i. I had the silver […]

How I use Obsidian for Dungeons and Dragons games

After exploring Notion and Dynalist for my game preparation for Dungeons and Dragons games, I’ve settled on Obsidian for Dungeons and Dragons games, as my preferred tool. There are other amazing tools for sure. This is the one that best fits how I like to prepare my games, and I thought I’d share that in […]

Analog cryptographic device

Choosing Signal over WhatsApp is about personal agency

Reframing the WhatsApp privacy debate It is tempting to frame the discussion about WhatsApp’s privacy policy change that enables WhatsApp to share your profile data with Facebook (even though it’s been doing this for some time without being clear about this) as being about Facebook being able to read your WhatsApp messages. That interpretation is […]

People staring at their devices in a busy train

Why I prefer to use Signal, and not WhatsApp

What’s going on with WhatsApp? WhatsApp recently notified users that we will need to agree to changes to the WhatsApp privacy policy that enable Facebook to access our WhatsApp profile data, or we will need to stop using WhatsApp. This prompted a number of renewed calls for people to switch to alternatives such as Signal, […]

Person holding a syringe and bottle containing a fluid

Receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

As you may have seen in the media, Israel has been vaccinating citizens with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Because I’m diabetic, and over 40, I qualify for earlier access to the vaccine. I was finally able to make my appointments for the two doses. Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Farm land in Maccabim, Israel

My first half marathon

I ran my first half marathon this morning as part of my Garmin 10k coaching plan. I had to leave really early to give myself time to complete what turned out to be a 22km route around my city. I felt pretty good for the first two thirds of the run, and started to feel […]

My longest run so far

I’m on week 10 of my 10k coaching plan with Garmin. As part of that plan, I ran my longest run so far, yesterday. It was an “easy” long run of about 17.7km (not counting warm up and cool down). I stepped out just after 6am, and set out on my route that would take […]

unsplash-logoFeatured image by Sirotorn Sumpunkulpak