Eat Mor Chikin

Pic31727_1This one is an old favourite and always gives me a good giggle, thanks mom!

Speaking of cows, there is a travelling exhibition of painted cows called "Cow Parade" which is currently here in South Africa.

Basically what happens is that artists are presented with identical white cows (well, statues of cows) and these artists paint the cows which then go on display at various locations.

My favourites include MooDonna and the Peace Cow.


A Wish List

I am still working through the Moleskinerie archives (I haven’t spent much time on that so I am still working through July 2004).  I have just come across a post by Gary Varner of Inkmusings who wrote the following:

any of us face an obstacle or a detour in life, it’s good to try and
find the positive in the experience. Doing so not only lifts our
spirits and yields a glimmer of hope, but sometimes provides the
opportunity to reflect. I’ve spent some of my days while confined
pondering this wake-up call, what it means, what I can change. And
while I’m not yet finished with my stint as a blogging hermit, I have
gained clarity about what I wish for myself once I’m up and dancing
once again.

So here’s my wishes, a brief but not necessarily
complete list to add to my life, once the current hermit-like existence
is retired for good. You may notice these can’t be bought, but are
experiences that can only be sought, and only with intent. None of
these will come easily unless I accept their possibilities and let go
of obstacles in my path.

  • I wish to learn more about
    clouds and their shapes, what they mean when they do their heavenly
    dance up there. Then I want to lie on green grass for hours and just
    stare at the them, and let my mind decide what their shapes remind me
    of, like I used to do when I was an idle youth.
  • I
    wish never to lose this newly gained slower pace of life. Why do we
    have to be knocked down with a proverbial 2×4 to understand that life
    doesn’t have to be measured by how much we get done in one day, by the
    bulge of our bank accounts, or the number of pages in our resumes?
  • I
    wish never to return to the days of loud alarm clocks and panicked feet
    racing through showers and suits just to make a commute on time. I like
    my new early mornings of leisure breakfasts and casual readings of
    paper and email.
This is a wishlist that really appeals to me, especially the last bit about the daily rush.  The wishlist continues ...

All Rise in Court

It seems the judges do it in open court in Oklahoma City.  IOL has posted an interesting article titled "It was a case of ‘all rise’ for this judge…" –

Oklahoma City – Jurors and officials in Judge Donald Thompson’s
courtroom kept hearing a strange whooshing noise, like a bicycle pump
or a blood pressure cuff.

During one trial, Thompson seemed so distracted that jurors thought he
was playing a hand-held video game or tying fly-fishing lures behind
the bench.

The explanation, investigators say, is even stranger: the judge had a
habit of masturbating with a penis pump under his robe during trials.

The allegations could lead to a wave of appeals from defendants
claiming the judge was not paying attention in their cases. He has
resigned but now faces indecent exposure charges.

A police officer who testified during a 2003 murder trial saw a piece of plastic tubing disappear under Thompson’s robe.

Investigators later collected carpet samples, Thompson’s robes and the
chair from behind the bench and found semen, according to court
records. – Sapa-AP

Now there is a man who loves his job!


Another One Bites the Dust

I read about a blogger by the name of Mark Jen a little while ago.  He posted some very dodgy posts about his new job at Google and what they pay.  It wasn’t terribly tactful and for a little while the posts disappeared and there was a rumour that Google cracked the whip and had him close his blog (which was hosted on Blogger).  Soon after the blog returned.  Now it seems he has been fired.

I picked up this link to TDavid’s blog and his post about this development from Michael Hanscom.  Here is what TDavid posted about this:


Wil Wheaton

I have mentioned his blog before and, reading his latest post, I have a couple thoughts about the man himself.  At least my perception of him.  I haven’t gone back into his archives to catch up on all that he has written (I am reserving those ambitious projects for when I have time to spend a day online) just yet and at the same time just reading his posts about what goes on in his life (dealing with Sketch’s illness and his triumph in being cast for CSI) what comes to mind is that this guy is a really grounded and good person.

Pick any post and you see a real person coming through.  He isn’t afraid to tell us when he cried and when he laughed.  He tells us, his readers, what goes on in his mind and heart and I, just one of the many who read his blog, really appreciate that honesty in a blog.  He is an example to me how to blog and live my life.

Thanks Wil.



Licence to be a Kid

Licence_to_be_a_kidWell, it is official.  By signing in the space provided you will "no longer be subject or beholden by tall or demanding persons".  Furthermore, you will also no longer be "responsible for anyone’s actions but your own."

All you need to do is download the License to be a Kid and sign it.  Then you can be a kid again.  Of course if you get grounded, tied up or subjected to wedgies that is your problem.  So wah!  Tell the guys who posted it in the first place!


I want out … NOW!

Now you don’t hear about this every day.  Wired has reported on a star that doesn’t want to be part of our galaxy anymore:

A star three times bigger than the sun has been seen fleeing our galaxy
at over 1.5 million mph, according to astronomers at the
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

The gravitational pull of a black hole thought to exist there is
likely responsible for the extreme velocity of the star, swinging it
around the center of the Milky Way. A companion star may once have
traveled with the speeding star and contributed to its velocity before
being trapped by the black hole.

The first-of-its-kind finding not only confirms an earlier theory about
the existence of such speeding stars, but also reinforces the notion
that the Milky Way spins around a black hole, said Warren Brown, a
postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
and a member of the team that discovered the star.

"It’s a hypothesis on our part, but there’s no other good way of
explaining a star moving this fast," said Brown. "The only way to get
velocity that high on a star is you have to interact with something
more extreme, like a black hole."

The star is currently 180,000 light years from Earth. Based on its
trajectory, the astronomers believe it will exit the Milky Way and
scream through miles of empty space until it burns out.

"The space between galaxies is extremely empty," said Brown. "It
will have a nice view of the Milky Way for a while. At some point, the
night sky from that star would look like a couple big galaxies. But
everything else would be pure black."


Broadband Mobile!

I read in ITWeb that the mobile phone network I use, MTN, is about to rollout its EDGE offering with UMTS (3G) to be rolled out later in the year.  This is particularly exciting news for me mainly because I have this very cool new phone and I am keen to replace my landline as the medium for my home Internet access with my mobile phone.  At the moment I am connected at about 43kbps or so (I may be wrong about this) using GPRS (a 2.5G technology on GSM networks).  My phone will support data transfers up to 384kbps for downloads and 128kbps upload and that is a lot faster than my landline where I connect at around 45kbps on a good day.  The only thing will be cost of this connection.  At the moment I pay around R22 (or $3.50 or so) per MB after I use up the 2MB that I get with my R50 per month (roughly $8 per month) package.  So it is still quite pricey especially considering I can connect with my landline after hours and stay connected all night or all weekend and download as much as I want with it costing me only R7 or R8 (just over $1).

Anyway, ITWeb reported the following: