“Mozilla Is Gaining On Godzilla”

BusinessWeek Online posted an article on 12 January 2005 titled "Mozilla Is Gaining On Godzilla".  This is yet another article charting the amazing growth of Mozilla Firefox.  To quote Steve Hamm, the journalist – How’s this for a mismatch? On one side, you have Microsoft (MSFT ), the world’s largest software company, with $37 billion […]

Google South Africa!

I was very surprised and excited when I loaded Firefox and discovered that there is now a local Google search page that searches South African sites!!  This kind of thing really excites me.  Despite my recent disappointment with Blogger (owned by Google) I am still a HUGE fan of Google and model my own business […]

New is not always better

I have had a couple experiences lately where new versions of software I have been using simply didn’t cut it.  The older versions did a better job of it and I wound up removing the new versions and restoring the older ones. One example is Adobe Reader 7.0 (formerly Adobe’s Acrobat Reader).  I am curious […]

Dial 0800-too-much-caffeine …

I had a good laugh earlier.  I was walking back from my preferred lunchtime hangout, a Seattle Coffee Company shop in an Exclusive Books store nearby, when I noticed one of their vans in the parking lot of the parking garage.  I snapped some photos of the back of the van.  Take a look, you’ll […]

Christmas comes early at Apple

I am sure I am not the only one who has seen what is going on at Apple.  I saw a link off Scobleizer to the Apple mini.  I checked it out and, my hat, it is a sexy little box! Update:  Apparently these two little guys are going to arrive in South Africa in […]

EPIC 2014

I came across this brilliant site as a link on a Sun executive’s blog.  It takes a pretty realistic look at possible advances in the presentation of totally customised media by two growing giants in the media industry – Google and Microsoft.  The ‘history’ is plotted through to 2014 and it really isn’t that implausible […]

Just BE

Step into the Sunlight Feel the pain wash away Enter in the Soul-light Just BE in today. Forget all emotion Put your trust in the day Let the past rush on by you Put your Self in THE WAY. one & infinite – lynne milum – universal light

What kind of intelligence do you have?

I should be working on my manuals …  I was in the process of getting through all my mail I came across this one on Eclecticism and gave it a go (you can call me The Procrastinator!): Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well. An […]

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