The [non]billable hour

I just came across this really cool blog.  It is called "the [non]billable hour" and is run by a lawyer in Illinois named Matthew W. Homann.  The purpose of his blog is: In the [non]billable hour, author Matthew Homann (a practicing attorney and mediator) shares hundreds of inventive and original ways to bring meaningful and […]

Zen Moleskine

I have started working through the archives on Moleskinerie and found this picture which tickles me:

Solo Exhibitionism

To round off my trilogy of sex-related posts, I have come across another site of interest.  This site is called "life of a demure college student" and is hosted on Blogspot.  This site fascinates me even though she spends most of the time either posting her fantasies/stories and taking pictures of herself in varying poses […]

The beautiful agony

Now here is an interesting site.  I am not too sure what I think of it just yet.  It is called "Beautiful Agony" and seems to be a collection of videos of people’s faces as they climax.  To experience the full splendour of the site you have to subscribe but there is at least one […]

Celebrating the beautiful human body

In her weekly column titled "Celebrating the Body Beautiful", Regina Lynn reviews a project at the Erotic Museum called "The Human Body Project".  Here is how the Erotic Museum introduces the project: Media presents us with an abundance of images of people creating an inaccurate picture of who we are as a species. The bodies […]

Offline …

This morning my mobile phone service provider suspended my service after I hit the credit limit they imposed on my account.  It seems this is a new thing they do and once your bill hits that limit, the system automatically suspends the service.  The annoying thing is that the limit takes into account the next […]

God in a garden

Fri 04/02/2005 18:56 04022005(002) G made this for her mom. Very true saying.

dance first, think later, it’s the natural order…

I have started reading a blog called Moleskinerie which is dedicated to the Moleskine notebooks manufactured by the Italian company called Modo & Modo .  Moleskine notebooks have an almost a cult following and I can certainly understand why.  I started using the ruled notebooks for my journals and four completed notebooks later I am […]

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