I want out … NOW!

Now you don’t hear about this every day.  Wired has reported on a star that doesn’t want to be part of our galaxy anymore: A star three times bigger than the sun has been seen fleeing our galaxy at over 1.5 million mph, according to astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The gravitational pull […]

Broadband Mobile!

I read in ITWeb that the mobile phone network I use, MTN, is about to rollout its EDGE offering with UMTS (3G) to be rolled out later in the year.  This is particularly exciting news for me mainly because I have this very cool new phone and I am keen to replace my landline as […]

Streets of Sandton

Wed 09/02/2005 13.14 09022005 This is a view of one of the streets in Sandton, a new business district in Johannesburg which is growing rapidly.  Actually, Sandton has been developing into a new central business district for a couple years now.  I used to live in Sandton and the changes in the last year have […]

Over 2000 hits so far

I checked my stats a few minutes ago and I have had over 2000 hits on this blog since I went live on TypePad last month.  This is quite a milestone for me and to celebrate, I am giving away 5 Gmail invites to whomever wants them.  1 per person and to qualify all you […]


G and I saw "Elektra" last night.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect after "Catwoman" and the talk about these girl powered superhero movies just not having what it takes to succeed.  I am not a big fan of Jennifer Garner to begin with.  I didn’t really enjoy her TV series "Alias" very much.  […]

Darker Times and Matching Moods

I am waiting for G to arrive at the gym.  I got here a bit early and have worked out a bit already (meaning I am a little stiff and still have lots more to do).  I have been thinking about a conversation I had with my friend Michelle earlier.  She is really down today […]

Wil Wheaton in CSI!

With everything he has had to go through this last week or so with his buddy and cat, Sketch, Wil Wheaton has some amazing news.  He is going to be starring in CSI sometime.  I think we are a bit behind the US shows so we may only see the episode he will be starring […]

What a day!

Today has been a tough one, as my days go.  I started off with the intention of getting through a backlog on my to-do list (which has been growing steadily this last week) and even got off to a good start.  Then I printed an email exchange with one of the partners who instructed me […]

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