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Sitting with difficult emotions

A serene evening view at St Kilda in Melbourne

I noticed this quote on Tumblr. I’ve noticed on the few occasions I’m able to just sit with difficult emotions in a meditation, they tend not to be as monolithic as they otherwise seemed beforehand. On a related note, it’s been a while since I read anything by Jack Kornfield. I really enjoyed his book… Continue reading Sitting with difficult emotions

Sidewalk mosaic

This path leading up to a local community center and youth center has been adorned with these mosaics

The city adorned a path leading up to a local community center with a series of mosaics. I took a walk out there this morning, and took photos of them. One of the concrete panels is blank, which is a little odd. Hopefully that will also be filled at some point.

Marriage v13.0

We celebrated our 13th anniversary with breakfast, and a hike up Gitvat HaTitora. Beautiful weather!

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary, and we both took the day off (I’ve taken the rest of this week off – I feel like I’m due for a breather from work after a busy ±8 months). We did a repeat of our last anniversary, and went for a hike up Givat HaTitora just outside… Continue reading Marriage v13.0

I would rather pay for Google Photos

Photo by Chantel Lucas on Unsplash

As you may have heard by now, Google is going to start charging for all photos uploaded to Google Photos from June 2021, not just full resolution images. While this may be alarming for some users, I would rather pay for Google Photos. Why would I say such a thing after having an option to… Continue reading I would rather pay for Google Photos

Just geek out and walk

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh

I just went out for a walk in a nearby park. That shouldn’t be particularly noteworthy except for the times we find ourselves in. What made the walk especially enjoyable (well, aside from being out in glorious weather), was the opportunity to just geek out over this interview with Felicia Day on the Id10t podcast… Continue reading Just geek out and walk

Blogging is the antidote to social media woes

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

I like this approach, it’s what I’ve been doing for a little while now: If you are frustrated with the state of social networks, I recommend blogging more. I love seeing new blogs and photo blogs just as we’re having a serious debate in the mainstream about social networks. The way out isn’t easy, but… Continue reading Blogging is the antidote to social media woes

Ambling around Lisbon

It's a free day today, so I wandered around nearby Lisbon with two colleagues.

We had a free day today, as our team meetup winds down. I went for a casual walk around part of Lisbon that we hadn’t seen yet with two colleagues today. Usually, when I walk, I walk. This time, we literally ambled along in the general direction of the coast. We didn’t actually reach the… Continue reading Ambling around Lisbon

My Saturday afternoon hike up Givat HaTitora in photos

My blood glucose has been really high lately, so I’ve made an effort to get as much exercise as I can. That’s mostly been going for longer walks, and getting my heart rate up. I decided to go for a hike up Givat HaTitoria this afternoon as an alternative to parking off in front of… Continue reading My Saturday afternoon hike up Givat HaTitora in photos