This White House Survival Guide from Time Magazine makes for fascinating reading and a remarkable behind-the-scenes look at working at one of the most famous offices in the world.

In the pages that follow, veterans of the Obama White House offer their own counsel to the incoming team—­including some of the best advice they got from the departing Bush team eight years ago. They cover every­thing from distinguishing what’s important from what’s merely urgent, to managing your health, mastering the computers and navigating the White House mess (closed between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., so stagger your coffee runs). It’s unusual to move into a new workspace with nearly 100% turnover, with the incoming team just meeting one another for the first time under the bright glare of the inter­national spotlight.

Source: Obama Team Gives Trump Advice: White House Survival Guide

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  1. Featured image: White House
  2. Bush And Obama: Eric Draper—The White House/Getty Images; Obama and trump: Pete Souza—The White House

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