Portrait photography lesson for Donald Trump

Donald Trump's dissatisfaction with a photo taken of him at his victory party serves as a valuable portrait photography lesson and a reminder that he may want to be more accommodating when it comes to the press.
Portrait of Donald Trump from Quartz
Credit: Quartz

Quartz’s article about a tangle with President-elect Trump about a photograph CNN used for a publication about the 2016 Presidential Elections is pretty instructive.

According to Quartz’s Johnny Simon, CNN’s photographer wasn’t granted access to Trump for follow-up photos after his election and resorted to photographing Trump from the crowd at his victory party. The resulting photographs weren’t as flattering as studio photographs made previously.

Trump apparently complained about the victory party photograph used for the second edition of the CNN publication and Simon made a good point:

The dustup around Unprecedented teaches a pretty obvious lesson for the president-elect: If Trump wants better pictures of himself, the first step would be to let photographers in.

Source: Donald Trump’s criticism over the cover of CNN’s “Unprecedented” illustrates a pitfall in portrait photography — Quartz

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