Breastfeeding trolls

I’m still amazed that breastfeeding in public is still a controversial topic. I just read a post in Scary Mommy titled “‘Go Tell Her To Put Some Clothes On’: Breastfeeding Mom Harassed On United Flight” about another mother who was harassed on a flight because some troll was deeply offended by her discreetly breastfeeding her baby.

Somehow it is 2016 and despite the fact that it is legal for women to breastfeed, uncovered if they want, women are still being harassed and shamed for feeding their babies in public. That happened to one mother who was quietly nursing her baby on an airplane this week, and she was so upset about the experience that she posted about it to Instagram with the hashtag #MomsDontFlyUnited.

Sure, it is 2016 and you’d think we have evolved our sensibilities to the point where this is not a problem (maybe, just look at how much support Trump has and you may be forgiven for thinking we have regressed). At the same time, breastfeeding isn’t a new thing. Humanity was pretty much made possible by breastfeeding so why are people still disgusted by it?

If anything, the United aircrew should have told the passenger who had a temper tantrum about Juliet Summer breastfeeding her baby to behave, not ask Summer to cover up. If you want a little more context:

… no skin was actually visible below her collarbone, so she assumed everything was fine.

Not that this should matter but it just highlights how crazy the passenger’s objection was.

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