Mobile HDR photography

I’m intrigued by how iPhone camera apps handle HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. The default camera app has a pretty decent HDR setting which I use routinely. It tends to result in much richer images than without the setting enabled.

I thought I’d try out the TrueHDR app which I’ve had on my phone for a while and forgot about for much of that time. You can definitely see the difference between the two and I think I may start using TrueHDR more going forward.


Taken with TrueHDR
Taken with TrueHDR

iOS Camera app (iPhone 5):

Taken with the iPhone Camera app (HDR enabled)
Taken with the iPhone Camera app (HDR enabled)

At least I hope I didn’t confuse them … The results from both are pretty appealing, especially for a mobile phone camera.

By Paul

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