Happy Mothers' Day Moms

‘Mother and Child’

Henry Essenhigh Corke (1883-1919); Autochrome

Collection of National Media Museum

Mothers’ Day has rolled around again and its a convenient time to stop for a day and pay more attention to the women who made it possible for us to be here in the first place. I took a stroll through some YouTube channels I follow and found some great videos paying tribute to our Moms. I especially like the Facebook video:

Nokia has a great one too titled #Notetomom – Happy Mothers’ Day:

We all know inspiring Moms (aside from our own, of course) and some of the Moms who inspire me include Gina (my wife), Di, Taryn and Victoire.

Swiss Mother and Child on the Beach at Long Key State Park Family Is on a Tour of the United States, Camping Along the Way.





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