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  1. Hi Paul

    Where do you see these geo-location services going? I enjoy Foursquare at the moment, but what do you think the next step in this space will be?


  2. At the moment location services seem to be more about the game. There is a little utility to the services but not that much. These location services will become more useful when we start seeing some fairly straightforward and real-world applications that average people will use. At the moment it is more gimmicky and a little scary (telling people where you are … ?). The really useful stuff probably won't be that flashy. I am still curious what Google will do with Latitude. One location based service which is fairly useful is Nokia's Ovi Maps. It tells you what is around you although it hasn't added in where your friends are just yet. Foursquare tells you where your friends are but the accuracy of the location data people add is a little dodgy.

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