Wolfram Alpha app can tell you if it rained at your grandparents' wedding

Wolfram Personal Apps - Genealogy & History Research Assistant

I just came across this awesome Wolfram Alpha Personal Assistant app: the Genealogy & History Research Assistant. It helps you find a wealth of information and data associated with your family history. I was hoping the app would also let me build the family tree but it doesn’t do that. Instead, it answers a number of questions including the one I always struggle with: what relation my grandfather’s brother’s grandson is to me?

my grandfather's brother's grandson - Wolfram|Alpha

This app is a goldmine for anyone interested in historical, geographical, meteorological and other data associated with a family history. It is also one of a number of personal, professional, reference (if you are a word game player, you have to check out the Words app) and course assistant (a variety of maths and science apps – to be a kid in school with an iPhone, oh man!) apps. This stuff is awesome, I could spend a lot of money on these apps. You should check them out.






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