Do you Like me?

Update: I have unpublished my Facebook fan page since Facebook added the subscription option to personal profiles. You can follow me on my Facebook profile going forward.

Facebook fan page

Aki Anastasiou inspired me to finally publish a personal fan page on Facebook as an open interface for people who would like to keep in touch. I tend be fairly restrictive with my Facebook profile friends and while I really like a lot of people who want to friend me, I pretty much keep Facebook for my close friends and family. What I have been missing is a place I can publish my general consumption stuff on Facebook without having to think twice about whether it may be getting in the way of my more personal stuff on my personal Wall.

Anyway, this is a bit of an experiment. I am debating which content items to pipe into my page and still make it something worth “Liking”. For example, do I import blog posts, Twitter or other streams? What would make it worthwhile without it becoming another flood in your newsfeed?

Update: I also can’t seem to install a Like Box in my sidebar (I have the facepile plugin for now) and get it to work properly. Anyone have any ideas why it wouldn’t display correctly?

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