And now we know … theSQL is a girl!

We just got back from the 17/18 week scan and it looks like our little theSQL is a girl! Its slowly starting to dawn on me that I am going to have a daughter and Aaron will have a little sister. It occurred to me that we could try explain this to Aaron using the TV show Charlie and Lola. Aaron loves Charlie and Lola and he might just start to get used to the idea of a baby sister if we explain it to him in these terms.

2010-08-05 the SQL scan at 17_6 wks 1


2010-08-05 the SQL scan at 17_6 wks 2

We don’t have a video yet but should have it in the next few days or so. The scans are amazingly detailed (our doc was testing out a new machine) and I am looking forward to seeing the video. I’ll publish it here when I have it uploaded.






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