Mozilla has taken flack for not being aggressive enough and I think there is some truth to that. I still think it is a terrific browser but Mozilla was a bit slack with early 3.6.x releases, missing deadlines. The release schedule has really picked up since about 3.6.5 with that release and 3.6.6 coming in quick succession. I am using a 3.6.7 beta and it is stable and pretty fast.

I think there is a lot of hype surrounding Chrome and while it is a good browser, for sure, it isn't necessarily that far ahead of Firefox. Firefox is still huge and still growing. I maintain that it isn't an either/or choice either. I have both Chrome and Firefox on my dock and use them when I have a preference for either. I find Chrome's extensions a little flaky at times but they work well enough. I just don't think people should write Firefox off just because Chrome is doing well.