FHM poster censored … again!

A quiet censorship battle has been conducted in Highlands North over the last few weeks. The battle concerns an FHM poster which was put up beside the Highlands North McDonalds and which shows a woman wearing a black lacy bra. I drove past the poster at the beginning of the month and noticed that a concerned citizen had covered the model’s breasts with some black plastic bags which were pretty tightly fastened.

I understood from certain younger male elements that they had embarked upon a campaign in the last week to liberate this lovely model’s assets and share them, once again, with the motoring public. I didn’t see the fruits of that campaign but I did notice this renewed attempt to keep the poster covered when I drove past earlier today.

Pretty decisive, I think. I wonder what will happen next?

What happened next: This is becoming even more interesting. I drove past the poster this morning and saw that the cardboard had been removed and the following quotation posted on the bottom left corner:

Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desires.

– Bertrand Russell

FHM bra poster bared

It seems that the censor is objecting to the poster because it is relatively explicit and the person tearing off the coverings may have a more philosophical perspective. I am sure the poster will be covered up again fairly soon and I am curious to see what happens next.






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