Good grief, what a bunch of Apple apologists! Of course this is about showing how Safari displays the content in these demos but if this HTML 5 Readiness site is accurate, Chrome shouldn't have a problem with virtually any of the demos that Safari can display. The only area where Safari has an edge is 3D transforms (at least, according to that chart).

Even Firefox seems to be able to do most of what Safari can do at the moment.

This demo is another Apple “We are way too cool for you” demo. The argument that Apple is being exclusive because Safari is the only browser that supports these tags/technologies/extensions is silly. Why not let other people try the demos out with their own browsers and if those browsers are not up to the task then let them fail on the demos. That seems to me to be a more effective way of saying that Safari is better, if it is.

This exclusive access nonsense is all about creating an impression that Safari is the only browser that supports HTML 5 and that is false. Sure not every browser handles every aspect of HTML 5 just yet (heck, even the specification is still draft as far as I know) but this is just a stunt and you have bought into it completely.