Scrapbooking meets the social Web with Legacy4Life

My friend Di has started a fascinating new business that combines conventional scrapbooking techniques and digital media. Her business is called Legacy4Life and it such a great way to preserve your digital memories in a more offbeat format. Just take a look at these examples of her work and you’ll see for yourself:


Back 2 School 1.jpg

Using a template which you submit to her, Di uses your content to create a digital scrapbook which you can then have printed or which you can take and share with your friends and family as you would share your photo album. What appeals to me is that this service isn’t confined to a physical product which you can only enjoy if you live nearby (Di can convert your digital scrapbooks into physical books too). You can take advantage of the service anywhere in the world.

The social media component of her service takes the form of Di’s blog where she posts examples of her work and also her Facebook group where you can both see examples of her work and chat to her about them and anything else which might interest you.

So if scrapbooking interests you, visit her site and contact Di for more information.

Disclosure: as I pointed out, Di is my friend but don’t let this obvious bias get in the way of you taking a look at her work and deciding for yourself whether my praise is warranted.






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    My friend Di has a great digital scrapbooking service which I want to share with you:
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