The iPod Touch and iPhone: more versatile and compelling

I am watching the keynote at this month’s MacWorld and applications like the Keynote Remote remind me that the iPhone and iPod Touch are rapidly becoming far more than just a fancy phone and touch screen iPod. The Keynote Remote application turns your iPod Touch or iPhone into a presentation tool in addition to being a business tool and an entertainment device.

It isn’t difficult to foresee a time when Apple improves the device specifications on both devices to the point where they are on a par with other smart devices. At that point their integration into workflows and lifestyle activities will differentiate these devices from their competitors and make them more compelling than they are now. I have been disappointed with the iPhone’s and the iPod Touch’s limited functionality since they were introduced but this is hardly a major hurdle for Apple if it decided to get serious about these devices. These sorts of upgrades are really important if Apple is to cement its lead over its competitors, especially with devices like the Nokia N97 and the Palm Pre on the way.

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