Multimedia from the Cisco Live! event

There are a few videos available on YouTube and Zoopy from the Cisco Live! event I attended yesterday. The video below is an edited version of Arthur Goldstuck’s presentation together with some video shot after the media Q&A:

I would have preferred to see the full sessions uploaded, certainly from the perspective of someone who doesn’t always make it to these sorts of events and who would love to still watch the sessions and possibly attend the next one if I enjoy the sessions. I have suggested to Fleishman-Hillard that full sessions be made available (perhaps using Zoopy to take advantage of more readily available local bandwidth?) and even that the content be licensed under a more permissive Creative Commons license. At the moment all rights are reserved and that just inhibits sharing. Update: The video on Zoopy is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

You can also see photos from the event on Flickr. I love this one – it is titled “Girls samoa wrestling” …

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  1. […] Fleishman-Hillard people have posted the video of Arthur Goldstuck’s full presentation at the recent Cisco Live! event on Zoopy so if you would like to watch the whole thing, rather than the edited version, here it […]

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    yieeheiee..Looks fun..The suit seems funny to me.
    BUt with that suite, you're surely safe from any injury,.Having fun while being safe.

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    Thanks to Disqus this place is great.

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