Twhirl driving me a bit nuts

Twhirl just hasn’t been working for me since I restored my hard drive recently. I have removed it altogether and reinstalled it and it still seems to be on the blink. Instead of saving my login credentials for the services I access through Twhirl (Twitter,, FriendFeed and Seesmic) so that all the windows open each time I open Twhirl, I now have to add each of my accounts all over again each time I run Twhirl.

This is a real pain in the butt for me. It also isn’t worth it for me to keep Twhirl running constantly because it begins to slow my MacBook down. I posted a query on Seemic the other day …

Odd Seesmic plugin behaviour in WordPressI have been experiencing some odd Seesmic plugin playback control behaviour on my blog. Anyone else experience this? Take a look at the video comments at

… but it doesn’t seem to be a common issue so I’m not sure what the solution may be. There is a sort of a support service in the form of Get Satisfaction which refuses to let me sign in with OpenID or send my password to my email account which, on the one hand is associated with an account, and on the other hand is unregistered. I feel a Rolling Stones track coming on … Maybe the problem is with Adobe AIR instead (although I did update to the latest version). Feedalizer isn’t running either so that points to a problem with AIR itself. Juhu runs so maybe not.


Update: Ok, I am trying out Posty instead. Nice app, little too much open space in the window (so not as many new posts) but it kinda blends something like and Twhirl in a single window. Decent alternative.

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