Ubuntu Mobile Edition

Whenever I think about the iPhone or the iPod Touch I also think about what Canonical might have lined up for us. This video review of Ubuntu’s Mobile Edition (listen out for the url for the download in the video) looks great on a touchscreen device and I have to wonder whether the iPhone or iPod Touch is going to be regarded as such wonderful devices in the coming months and years as we begin to see more Linux based devices running software like Ubuntu’s Mobile Edition software.

Of course the iPhone/iPod Touch has the added benefit of great integration with a Mac but if you are not a Mac user, how big a deal is that? What I don’t know is how a Mobile Edition device integrates with a desktop/laptop running a full version of Ubuntu? Would we see the mobile device synchronise with the desktop/laptop when it is plugged in? If not, I imagine that would appear soon enough.

As awesome as the Mac OS is, I don’t think it will be too long before Linux based devices become pretty darn appealing, if not compelling for people like me. The one thing I am concerned about with my Mac is that the deeper I go down Uncle Steve’s rabbit hole, the more I am locked into this ecosystem. Ubuntu and Linux generally represents a more open ecosystem (potentially) and the key issues to address are probably usability and flexibility.

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