Nokia E71 on the horizon

I am pretty much set on the E71 as my next phone which I hope to buy in the next month or so. I have had a terrible experience with my Nokia N73 Music Edition (to the point where I have had happy dreams about smashing it – literally).

I have read a couple reviews about the phone and they have all been really positive. The one reservation some people have had is that the keys on the keyboard are a little on the small side. Otherwise people have been raving. One such person is Jonathan Greene who also posted a great video on Viddler which is worth watching if you are interested in this phone.

My one big gripe with my N73 is that it is so slow! It takes ages to do anything and after a while that becomes really annoying. Another pain in the butt is that a recent firmware update on the phone effectively killed the Bluetooth connection between my phone and my MacBook. I really hope I don’t have a similar experience with the E71. I haven’t seen any suggestion that I would have the same issue though.

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