What the Guru didn't mention

I found out about this mobile site on Friday called “Guru” which appears to be a mobile search engine site. You visit the website which looks like this:

From Arb stuff

You type in your search query and your phone number and you get a search result. The logo does remind me of another little service that you can access on your mobile phone, type in a search term and get a couple search results …

You will also notice that the Guru page contains a line which reads:

Further questions cost R7.50. Your answers will be sent to your phone.

Apparently this line wasn’t on the site initially and a couple people found unexpected charges mounting up on their phone bill. Not nice at all. As convenient as this service sounds, it is worth mentioning that if you go to google.com/m on a mobile device you can search Google for no more than the cost of the data connection (considerably cheaper than R7.50 per query).

Some business models are really not very well thought through or they rely on people’s ignorance to turn a quick buck.

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