Big in Japan

Well, I am in Sapporo, Japan for the iCommons iSummit. I am just rushing out so I’m not going to publish much of a written post. I have started video blogging on Seesmic so here are two short videos on the meantime:

Arrived in Sapporo

Early start to the day

Couple follow ups here. I wound up passing out for another 2 and a half hours after this video (I lay down for 5 minutes and I was gone!). The Non-Commercial issue is going to addressed more fully in a research project planned for the second half of the year. Participants in the Legal Day can just expect an announcement about this as I understand it.

Sapporo Convention Centre


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6 responses to “Big in Japan”

  1. lioneldp avatar

    Cannot wait – I'm a “power” user – so should work for my needs.

  2. Simon avatar

    Very good article Paul. I ran something similar and published the results on over here:

    Great minds 😉

    I'll stick with my Telkom ADSL.

  3. pauljacobson avatar

    Thanks Simon! Glad you included the link to your article, I was about to update my post with the link. I am also going to stick with ADSL but the pricing stinks compared to Neotel's. I hope there are going to be substantial price cuts when the new cable/s land/s mid-year. If it wasn't for price, Neotel still wouldn't be a viable option but as things stand, price can make a big difference.

  4. richard avatar

    Paul, great review with very useful detail. I'd just like to make a few points:
    a. You didn't indicate where about you used the Neotel service from. If you look at the Neotel coverage map tool on the Neotel site, it will indicate what you reception will be (average, good, excellent). So it would be nice to know what rating you area so that one can put your download speeds in context.
    b. I assume one can add an external aerial to the modem as one does for 3G routers, this increasing the speed. This might be of use for some people as it might result in a good speed jump for little investment.

    I think you've done well to communicate that this is a good alternative for the 384/512kbs ADLS users which I assume most are. Also I think 10gb is more than enough for many average users too. The reception of Neotel service is the make of break issue in my eyes. Let's hope this gets better.

  5. pauljacobson avatar

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for pointing that out. I have edited the post to mention that I enjoy excellent connectivity in my area (if I understand the indicator correctly).

    I am not sure about the external aerial option but if you take a look at the image in the post you will notice the two aerials on the edges. Those are for the CDMA connection. The smaller ones are for wifi, I believe.

  6. richard avatar

    Excellent, so someone in a 'good reception' area will experience even lower speed. Not good. Was hoping you were in a 'good' rather than a 'excellent' reception area.

    Then again it seems like a big building in the way of the signal has an effect based on looking at the map on the mapping tool on the Neotel site.

    I would expect that someone will hack the device for an external aerial for better reception. See
    Else Neotel needs to put in more base stations. I expect this isn't a high priority for them given Sentech's & iBurst's trackrecord in terms of reception.

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