Bittersweet tales of Moo cards

I ordered a new batch of Moo minicards a couple months ago to replace the last of the cards I gave out. I was pretty excited about them because I was using two awesome sunflower photos I found on Robert Scoble’s photostream a while ago. I don’t know where the images are in his photostream but I love them. They are the best images of sunflowers I have come across and since I have adopted the sunflower motif as part of what passes for my corporate identity, they are perfect for me.

Anyway, my minicards still haven’t arrived about 2 or 3 months later, nor has the replacement set Moo kindly sent to me when I reported the absent initial set. I have pretty much given up on them and taken this as confirmation that despite the post office’s assurances that theft has been drastically reduced, they are still a bunch of thieves who are now into identity theft using my cards.

None of this has persuaded me to give up on ever possessing Moo cards again. They are very cool and I quickly decided to order a set of the new business cards Moo prints. This time around I wasn’t going to place my trust in our post office so I decided to go all out and ordered 2 packs of 50 cards to be shipped to me by DHL. I place the order this last Sunday evening and received them today. Here is a crappy photo of a set of very fine cards in an awesome card holder:

Moo business cards

I used a combination of sunflower images I have in iPhoto (including those awesome photos Scoble took – his are the gorgeous ones with the deep blue sky in the background) and photos I took when I was given a tour of the Constitutional Court a while ago. My photo above doesn’t really do the cards much justice but you get the idea. These cards represent a complete set and I have 10 sets in my 2 packs. I am very happy with them and they are well worth the premium I paid to get them here reliably.

I am giving these fine specimens out to my clients as mementos and souvenirs and all you need to do to get one of these gorgeous items is to give me a call and be my client … 😉 Heck, you could just bump into me and ask for one and you can have one too … I just want to hand these babies out now!

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