drives me crazy sometimes

I have been using for my email almost since I started using my Mac. The Holy Trinity (Mail, Address Book and iCal) have served me well for the most part. Lately though it seems like has been doing some crazy voodoo shit when the moon is just right and a black cat crosses the road at a 37 degree angle.

TB.pngI thought I would try Thunderbird out tonight and the inability to easily import my stuff from and Address Book was an immediate turn-off even though the features in Thunderbird seem to put to shame. does a couple things really well. It integrates into the OS with other apps like Address Book and iPhoto and it puts all my inboxes (I have 3 active ones and 2 others I use occasionally) into one grand inbox for general use. I haven’t figured out how to collect all my Thunderbird mail from my 3 IMAP accounts into a single inbox. Of course using IMAP means I don’t need to worry too much about Thunderbird’s refusal to import anything from – it is all on the server anyway even if I have to download the mail I want to work with again.

Granted I gave Thunderbird about 20 mins before closing it and deciding to stick with (feel free to tell me I am being an impatient idiot who misses the point) and I am clear in my mind that if it wasn’t for the fact that I am using a Mac, I would be using Thunderbird for my mail and Firefox as my only browser (I have been using Firefox as my default and Safari as my backup for a week or so now) in Ubuntu. That being said, I am using a Mac and my Mac software works that much better in the scheme of things … even if Mail tends to work that voodoo shit from time to time.

Are you a Mac user? What do you use for your email? Am I being short-sighted about sticking with

Update: Ok, as usual I spoke too soon. Thunderbird can integrate with Address Book and this is expected to be a feature of Thunderbird 3.0 due out later this year (apparently).

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