Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

I just updated this site to WordPress 2.5 and I really like the update to the Dashboard. One of my first thoughts was how the Dashboard and its various elements look about as clean and fresh as the current version of MovableType.

WP dashboard.png

The backend is pretty different and there aren’t as many sub-menu options immediately available which is great. What seems to have happened is that the WordPress people grouped the various Dashboard options in better groups of functions. It took me a little while to figure out that the plugin menu is now to the right and not part of the main menu system.

WP dashboard - plugin indicator.png

The widget interface is pretty cool. It is a lot better than the old interface and considerably easier to work with.

WP Dashboard - widgets.png

I saw that Nic was a little cautious about updating SA Rocks to WordPress 2.5 and I can understand the caution. On the other hand the upgrade process is really simple and works perfectly. The main thing is to follow the steps and not try and wing it (I used to just overwrite all the old files with the new ones – that doesn’t work!).

There has been some flutter about WordPress 2.5 version Movable Type and while Movable Type is a powerful content management system, I have found that is really difficult to use compared to WordPress and with this latest update to WordPress, there is really no question which is the best option for someone looking for an easy to use content management system/blogging platform.

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