Office rearranged, more screen space

I have wanted to buy a second monitor for a little while now and finally went out and bought myself an Acer AL2216W 22 inch LCD monitor. I got a great price from Rowan over at Compucart (they don’t seem to have a website unfortunately).

The monitor is pretty big and I would up rearranging my office when I unpacked it. My office is still a bit messy but the added real estate makes such a big difference. Here is a partial “before” photo when I was about to clean my office up the other day (my MacBook’s position is pretty much unchanged before and after the reorganisation):

My desk before the clean up

… and here is the “after” photo:

Office rearranged

I really need decent shelving for all those books and the files behind me but I have already started experimenting with which apps to have on which screen. One area where the extra screen really makes a big difference is when I need to work on something and refer to notes and other digital docs. I don’t have to CMD-Tab (Alt-Tab for you Windows users) nearly as much, if at all and that helps a lot.

The one disappointment is that the colour on the LCD isn’t as good as my MacBook although that could have more to do with how I have calibrated the monitor. My brother reckons I can’t expect anything other than an Apple monitor to match an Apple monitor’s colour mix and clarity. Small colour issues aside, this is an awesome monitor and displays my content really well. It was a worthwhile purchase.

My next purchase will be a ScanSnap scanner which I have been lusting after for a little while now and should help me use a lot less paper in my daily workflow.

On that note, I have a ton of work to do …

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