iPod Touch in my future?

index_new_internet_20080318.pngI have lustful thoughts about acquiring an iPod Touch when it comes time to upgrade my aging 5th generation iPod. When I first thought about an iPod Touch a while ago my concern was the limited drive space (the current high end model is a 32GB model) where what I really wanted was/is more space. I conducted a little experiment this morning and looked at how much space I would need if I only took the media I actually consume with me on my iPod and a 32GB iPod Touch could probably be enough for me although that wouldn’t include email and other application data.

I know what some of you have iPod Touch’s. What are your thoughts about an iPod touch as an iPod/Internet tablet option? Nokia has its N810 and I have heard mixed reviews about it. My issue is that I would want my music player/podcast device to be my iPod because all my content is in iTunes and I am a rookie Mac fanatic so I don’t see myself shifting to a Nokia device as my media device.

I came across this video by Tom Raftery where he talks about why the iPod Touch is a superior Internet tablet. The size does appeal to me, as does the functionality and interface. I would like to see an iPod Touch with a bigger drive though (64GB or so at a minimum) so I am inclined to wait and see if Steve Jobs unveils a bigger model in the coming months …

Any words from the wise? Is this a silly idea? Should I just go with the iPod Classic with its 160GB drive and leave this touchscreen foolishness behind me?

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