Taking notes elegantly

I’m mulling over buying a license for OmniOutliner even though I have a paid version of Circus Ponies’ Notebook. This internal debate may seem pretty silly because I already have a pretty good note taking application (Notebook) which has a couple features that OmniOutliner lacks (like taking the form of an actual notebook with loads of dividers and page types).

At the same time I have started using OmniGraffle more often and I love its simple look and feel (even though the Inspector options befuddle me quite a lot). OmniOutliner will fit in perfectly with OmniGraffle and also serves as a great, straightforward note taking app. There are two issues. The first is that an OmniOutliner license (for the normal version) is close to $40. The second issue is that Notebook 3.0 is coming out in the next few months and even the upgrade fee there is cheaper than OmniOutliner’s license at a mere $20 or so.

I’m sure I have asked questions about these two options before but does anyone have any thoughts about Notebook and OmniOutliner? Are they mutually exclusive or can they productively co-exist side by side on my Mac?

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