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You are going to hear a lot about Huddlemind’s new site in the coming days (if not already) and for good reason. runs on Ning, the fabulous and easy to build and customise social networking template/platform. What is great about Ning is that it is basically a social network in a box and what Dave Duarte, Huddlemind’s founder (or at least one of), has done is create a niche social network using a freely available tool. In Dave’s words:

It’s a network for people interested in collaborative learning, new teaching methodologies, and organizational development through Education.

Through it we hope to directly connect members with other leading thinkers and doers in business education.

It is also a space to explore questions and issues of importance around business education, teaching methodologies, and learning technologies.

I think it is fantastic. I have been thinking about Huddlemind as an ideal platform for anyone wanting to establish a community orientated site for a little while now and while I had a couple questions about things like domains and ease of use, Huddlemind pretty much clears those issues up for me.

I played around with Ning a little while ago and discovered how easy it is to add Google Gadgets and all sorts of other customisable bits and pieces. I didn’t spend too much time because I didn’t see the value of having my own social network (do I even have that many fans??) but there is tremendous potential here. Maybe I should play some more …

Oh, did I mention Ning is part of Google’s OpenSocial?!

Either way, Dave has done a great job.

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