Innovative guerilla marketing from 5th Avenue Properties

I went to see a client today in Rivonia and I was running late so I tore into the Eden Park business park and parked in a bay set aside for 5th Avenue Properties. I saw the sign, I was running late and I just parked there.

When I returned to my car I discovered that I had unwittingly become part of a particularly aggressive guerilla marketing campaign:

Guerilla mobile marketing

Oh wow, that was smooth. I am not sure if the banner was painted on with lipstick or nail polish (I prefer lipstick, it has a swept look that works well in that colour).

Guerilla mobile marketing

This is pretty innovative thinking on the part of a property company. Here is a little bit about them:

5th Avenue’s broking division’s main business is the leasing and selling of office, industrial and retail space ranging from small offices to large scale office. Having established itself in the greater northern Johannesburg, Midrand and Pretoria areas, it has been integrally involved with companies and institutions relocating to, and developing in, the chain of decentralised business nodes north of the Johannesburg Central Business District.

It is a little risque but I can’t help but wonder how effective the campaign could have been if only the lady (I’m assuming a lady did the banner and not a cross dressing guy) had left her contact details or perhaps an accompanying note to introduce the campaign. That could have been beneficial, if anything, to properly acknowledge the fine artwork.

The colour of the banner doesn’t really fit with the corporate colour scheme on their site but then again, if you don’t step out there and take a chance, you won’t reap the benefits.

I just took a look at the site. Interesting site for a property brokerage and very thoughtful of them to list their contact details and the contact details of their directors. I really must thank them for letting me part of this campaign. I think I’ll drop them a mail with a link to this post.

Of course I could be getting a little too excited. It is possible the banner was not a banner at all but rather a particularly aggressive form of lipstick vandalism for parking in an employee’s parking bay. If I am being hopelessly naive in thinking this was anything other than vandalism then that is just plain silly of me. Would have been nice if someone had perhaps left a note under my wiper asking me not to use the bay again? I guess I am fortunate that my windshield wasn’t smashed, tires punctured or something even worse done to my car cause that would really have left a message for me! Oh boy would it have!

Update: Ok, after thinking about it long and hard, I decided the banner really clashed with my car’s “dusted blue” colour theme. My wife took it off using Windowlene and some paper towel. The lipstick was probably a cheaper lipstick you can pick on a street corner, um, cafe. I also got a response from one of the directors who said something about a life and getting one. I was going to respond but then I had to go and play with my go kart …

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