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I’ve been toying with the the idea of getting myself one of the mobile, USB broadband thingies for when I don’t have wifi access available. I see that both MTN and Vodacom offer 3.6Mbps HSDPA access.

I have been using the 3G connection available through my N73 (I have a 100MB package which is proving to be more expensive than shelling out for a 1GB package) but I am beginning to think it is a better idea to go with one of these USB devices, even if that means another contract.

What are your experiences with these devices? Are they worth it or should I stick with my current solution? Does it make a difference whether I go with Vodacom or MTN?

Update: Ok, I think this pretty much answers some of my questions:

Telkom’s ADSL 4 Mbps service produced an international upload speed of 252 Kbps and a local upload speed of 301 Kbps.

Vodacom was however not too far behind with an international upload speed of 230 Kbps and a local upload speed of 238 Kbps.

MTN however limits its HSDPA upload speeds to 64 Kbps. Its international average upload speed of 59 Kbps and local uplink speed of 57 Kbps may frustrate some users.

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