Primer on copyright liability and fair use

This looks like a really handy resource, particularly for people in the USA. This should also be a handy reference for jurisdictions influenced by the US law on fair use. The Citizen Media Law Project has published a Primer on Copyright Liability and Fair Use:

While there is no definitive test for determining whether your use of another’s copyrighted work is a fair use, there are several things you can do to minimize your risk of copyright liability:

  • Use only as much of the copyrighted work as is necessary to accomplish your purpose or convey your message;
  • Use the work in such a way that it is clear that your purpose is commentary, news reporting, or criticism;
  • Add something new or beneficial (don’t just copy it — improve it!);
  • If your source is nonfiction, limit your copying to the facts and data; and
  • Seek out Creative Commons or other freely licensed works when such substitutions can be made and respect the attribution requests in those works.

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