There is some useful information about NetNewsWire 3.1 on This item caught my eye because of a comment Stii made on Wired Gecko a little while ago about NNW not playing YouTube videos. It turns out that this feature is available, just turned off by default:

It plays video and Flash

The most common feature request in the feedback I read today is that NetNewsWire should play video, Flash, YouTube, etc.

It does. It’s turned off by default, but it’s easy to turn on.

Open Preferences, click Browsing. Click the News Items tab—to enable Flash and video, make sure the box next to Enable plug-ins is checked.

Click the Web Pages tab and repeat to do the same thing for web pages.

A couple things to know, though:

1. On some machines, you may have to enable plug-ins for both news items and web pages in order to make them work in web pages.

2. Plug-ins are off by default because they’re unstable and eat lots of memory. (Flash in particular.) So if you run into memory or crashing issues, the first thing to try is turning off plug-ins.

I have been using NNW every day and although it does seem to be a little unstable on Leopard (at least, my installation of Leopard), I am really happy I gave it another try. I have asked that a future version or update to 3.1 enable automatic downloads of images. That would really make this a true offline feed reader and make me happier than my puppy on my lap (he is only happy when he is on my lap … go figure).

I was thinking the other day that with a wide enough screen I could see myself using Safari less and less to browse web pages I connect to through NNW. I am not sure which engine NNW uses for web pages (I imagine something like Webkit?) but having everything integrated into one app is really handy.

Do you have any thoughts about NNW or its Windows sibling, FeedDemon? Let me know.

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