The end is overrated

Ok, so we told you we were closing up shop and we did. I have been keeping an eye on subscriptions to this blog and 2 months after we closed up, people are still coming here so there must be something worthwhile here for all those people.

I chatted to Victoire and we decided to kick open the doors a crack and let some new light in. We’re going to start blogging here again about new media and what that means for us down here in the South and elsewhere. I am going to do a little work on Drupal and see if I can’t get some anti-spam stuff up and running and probably upgrade this blog to the latest release version of Drupal.

Let us know if you have any suggestions. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the new posts. I won’t make any promises about frequency of posts or anything like that. We are both still pretty darn busy but here goes …

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