Pownce not pouncing anymore?

Tyler linked to a post on TechCrunch about Pownce’s apprently imminent demise.  I took a cue from Arrington and requested a comparison of Twitter’s, Jaiku’s and Pownce’s traffic on Compete.com and got this graph:

I have been using Pownce a bit more lately and while I don’t see it replacing Twitter for me any time soon (mainly because the traffic just doesn’t seem to be there), I am beginning to see Pownce in a different light after my initial thoughts on the service shortly after it launched.  A lot of that is due to the way I now see my social presence on the Web (I have been planning a post about that which I should publish soon).

The recent launch of the mobile site has also shifted my perception of how Pownce could be useful to me.  I can see the link and possibly even event sharing aspects of it come in handy as I go about my day and pick up things here and there.  I do think there needs to be as many easy ways to access Pownce as there can be if it is going to pick up users.  Leah and Kevin are heading in the right direction but it remains to be seen if Pownce can begin to attract traffic from Twitter’s userbase.

The problem with services like this is that you wind up going where all your contacts are and the majority of people are using Twitter, for all its inadequacies.  It is interesting to see that Jaiku’s traffic is also dipping relative to Pownce and Twitter.  In fact, according to that graph, Jaiku’s traffic dipped below Pownce’s after a brief rally in October.

I hope Pownce can find new life and keep going.  It is a fun service to use and has a couple features that Twitter sorely lacks like threaded comments, no 140 character limit on posts and a couple more options for post structures.  Interestingly enough, Plaxo’s Pulse has similar posting features to Pownce and I wonder if that undermines Pownce or not.

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