Climb a mountain, help Reach for a Dream

I am a little slow this week.  Mike posted an appeal to bloggers a couple days ago to support Richard Mulvey’s bid to raise R100 000 for the Reach for a Dream Foundation through his expedition to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.  The awesome Missing Link and Jo’blog people put this video together about Richard’s plan:

You can keep track of Richard’s, his wife’s, Sheila, and friend’s, John van der Horst, plans to climb Mt Kilimanjaro on their blog.  If you have the means, be sure to pledge a donation.  You can find the pledge form here.  As I write this Richard has managed to raise about R34 000.  None of the money raised will go towards the climb.  It is all going to Reach for a Dream.

Thanks to Mike for publicising this and spreading the word.

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