Thanks very much for diving right in. There’s a kind of deja vu about this, as you were one of the very first to visit and review Zoopy v1 back in March. And you were just at thorough in your observations back then too… which is the kind of feedback we can only hope for.

To answer many of your concerns in one go, it needs to be highlighted that (as mentioned in my blog post on the launch), we chose to go live with this version at a very early stage in its final development. So a lot of the issues you’ve indicated (missing About Us page, missing privacy policy, forced acceptance of newsletter) can be better described as unfinished items rather than bugs. But that doesn’t excuse any them. And they’re on our list and will be ticked off one by one over the next few days … and in the case of larger unpolished items, the next week or two. In the case of the About Us page and privacy policy, these will be taken care of tonight and are simply being carried over from our previous site, with some tweaks. So please don’t think that these are blank now because we haven’t written or thought about them 🙂

We really wanted to throw Zoopy v2 open and get user involvement and feedback earlier rather than later. It’s holiday time, we’ve just launched the Nseries partnership and we have a great opportunity for users to test and interact with us in a slightly less stressed time of year.

The old profile concern is something we just didn’t anticipate. But it’s something we can assist with very quickly. If you’d like to create a brand new account with your existing email address, of if you’d simply like to change your username, please give me a shout on jason@zoopy.com and we’ll push it to the top of our Quick List.

The good news is that your list is officially the first entrant in the Report a Bug Competition 🙂 Once your account/username/email address are sorted out, please try uploading (see http://www.zoopy.com/nokia for the Nseries magic) and using the new interface. We’d obviously love as much feedback as possible, especially when it’s as detailed and documented as this.

Good to have you with us again 🙂