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Ok, well, as you can see my blog is back on WordPress where I think it will stay. The Movable Type experiment was interesting and probably really served to reinforce some of my thoughts about it the last time I tried to use it. I am probably a bit of a dummy when it comes to Movable Type but I couldn’t figure it all out. I couldn’t work out how to add widgets to the sidebar (or do anything with the sidebar really) and that was before I got into any plugins of interest to me.

WordPress is far easier for me to use and play with so I will be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

So here I am, back on WordPress. I have picked a nice green theme which may look a little spacey if you have a widescreen but I like it. I have re-organised my sidebar and have consolidated many of the widgets to free up some slots (don’t know why WordPress limits users to 9 text and 9 RSS widgets … anyhoo …).

I have also refreshed my blogroll with a more current list of people I follow. You can also follow my shared feeds, Pulse/Jaiku/Twitter streams and I have even added my tumblelog to this blog via some script and a page which you can link to up top.

Ok, I am going to try get some work done now …

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