SA Stats vandal is a naughty, misunderstood boy!

The SA Stats employee who vandalised Wikipedia by removing content relating to AIDS in South Africa has been found guilty at an internal disciplinary enquiry. He had his toys taken away from him for 6 months (that is, no Internet access) and has to work with an employee assistance program.

The employee’s punishment is generally regarded as both a slap on the wrist and indicative of the government’s general stance on HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Although Stats SA claimed they view such an act in a very serious light, clearly what Stats SA sees as serious is not what the rest of us regard as serious. Clearly having accurate information about how the government addresses a major disease that kills millions of South Africans available on a public encyclopedia is not a very big deal, especially to a government body that deals in accurate and reliable information.

(Source: ITWeb)

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