Hey Paul, this story is super worrying, while I’m not sure of the penalties for these offenses, I’m pretty sure that these people could bring a claim against the police. Not to mention that they could bring a claim for their rights being breached. Section 35 2(a) of the constitution states that everybody has a right to be informed promptly for the reason why they are being detained, section 35 2(e) states that the conditions of the detention need to be humane, which includes adequate nutrition. I’m also pretty sure one could fit a dignity claim as well. Finally don’t the police need an arrest warrant to actually arrest someone, and if they don’t then, they need to reasonably believe that they would receive one when asked ? I know litigation costs are expensive, but I doubt that this is an isolated incident, so I’m pretty sure there are grounds for a ‘class action’ suit of some sort. In the end though I suppose this is just hot air… the courts are already flooded with cases, and do we really need to be depriving the already underpaid police force (for those whom actually do their jobs) of their pay… *sigh*