Twitter Updates for 2007-11-01

  • About to board my plane to Cape Town where I am speaking at Nomadic Marketing. Finished tweaking my presentation. Hope it goes down well! #
  • Really excited to be going to Cape Town and to finally meet a bunch of people I have been chatting to via Twitter and IM. #
  • @rafiq Thanks dude. Where are you today? #
  • @rafiq I understand Tim will be at GSB to watch your colleague. #
  • Our bus is caught in a traffic jam on the way to the plane #
  • Been trying not to have too much fun with Keynote #
  • Boarding #
  • Arrived in the Mother City. On my way to my hotel and then Nomadic Marketing. 🙂 #
  • Haven’t been in Cape Town for over a year #
  • @rafiq Thanks very much. Used Google Reader offline on the way down. Very handy. Would like to download images too though. #
  • Hey @kerry_anne thanks for the welcome. Was just telling my driver the sky looks like a Joburg sky. #
  • @stii You’re just not committed enough to seeing me 😉 #
  • So which lecture room is Nomadic Marketing in @kerry_anne and @daveduarte #
  • @kerry_anne Thanks, on my way #
  • @daveduarte I also want to be a Linkerati! #
  • @daveduarte and @rafiq Especially since I arrived … 😛 #
  • @rafiq Yup, I had a word with the Big Person #
  • The Vodacom meerkat is the new rear view mirror mirrorball #
  • Technorati: "Currently tracking 110.5 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media." #
  • @charlvn People actually have the meerkat hanging from their rear view mirrors … must be a Belville or Benoni thing #
  • @PaulWalsh That is because your site is twice as good as most other blogs #
  • When is it time to change your presentation material? How often should you update? #
  • Uno De Waal talking about social networks #
  • @DaveDuarte What is the "Open Notebook" thingy on your Firefox status bar? #
  • Watching Dave demo Twitter #
  • Hi Nomadic Marketing people #
  • @DaveDuarte Imagine the communities if Nomadic Marketing people were twittering too! #
  • @DaveDuarte Can I also play? #
  • @PaulWalsh I have been making a nuisance of myself here #
  • Watching @kerry_anne demonstrate Twitter, watching me demo Twitter with @DaveDuarte … all very confusing #
  • @rafiq … hitting a wall … #
  • @kerry_anne I reckon @rafiq has a hiding space in the air vents and all this time we think he is at work #
  • @kerry_anne Yes, but very subtly … not that he would notice … #
  • @kerry_anne I reckon he has snuck off to get more provisions for the rest of the day’s work … #
  • Uno gave a great talk #
  • Had great day today. Thanks to @daveduarte and his team! Fantastic to meet Nomadic Marketing attendees and have some good conversations #

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