Twitter Updates for 2007-10-29

  • Back home after a busy day driving around Joburg … #
  • Mail & Guardian is giving me papers for delegates to our seminar tomorrow, thank you Riaan Wolmarans! #
  • @charlvn and @kerry_anne I think it was Scoble who said Twitter is the new email #
  • @justinhartman and @ircmaidon All the cool kids will be there … or at least wishing they were there … #
  • @kerry_anne Absolutely, the Mother City Cool Kids Project and all! Very excited about that. Planning a biiiig presentation! #
  • @ircmaidon I’ll do a post on Facebook with more info! #
  • @ircmaidon Daniella, the other speaker, is of Greek descent and must know half the Joburg community! #

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